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Important Things to Do Before Starting Your Website

Do you know the important stuff to know before starting a website? There are some important things to know before you start your website. A website is like an artificial store. So, developing the website for your business is the base for this digital age.

There are various benefits from the website like 24/7 access, increased brand awareness, the possibility of continuous lead generation, unlimited sales, and others. In short, the website is a great asset to your business. If you are a newbie entrepreneur and desire to own the website then it is not good to jump directly into website development.

There are multiple things to know before you initiate website development. Neglecting the important factors and moving to develop the website will be a great failure. As a result, in this blog, we have listed crucial factors to consider before the initiation of the website design and development. Let us explore the factors…

  1. Know your goal

Many of the business owners build a website without any kind of business goals. Indeed, they will not have any idea like, what to do from it(website). Finally, they fail to take maximum advantage of the website.

It is important to set your goals before you begin with the website development and design. In the world of business, nothing will be done without the objective. You should have the business goals and to achieve those you need to develop the website.

The ultimate goal of business owners is to boost sales, … but it is good if you have more specific goals.

2. Research

Research is one of the important aspects you need to do before you start your business website. You may be a newbie to your industry or web development but by spending more time on the research, you gonna get good knowledge about the specific industry.

Do not forget to prepare a list of all your competitors and do extensive research about their websites. Observe the changes they have made to their website to accomplish the business goals.

If you find any optimal aspects on their website that could be favourable for your business then implement that into your website without duplicating it. Always remember, do not copy the content from other websites which is against the guidelines of the search engine.

Duplication of the content is called a black hat search engine optimisation technique and your website may end up with the penalty.

3. Know about your audience

The business owners build their websites for their potential customers, am I right? It will be meaningful to know well about your potential customers and various aspects like who are your potential customers, what type of keywords they use, and their likes and dislikes. This whole research will ease your process and it will be free from complexities.

Extensive research on your targetted audience will ease the process of your website development process and it will be more compatible for your potential customers. This will make web design effective and spectacular. Besides, it will boost your search engine optimisation and play a vital role in the conversion of the visitor into the customer.

4. Choose your domain name properly

Your domain name will stay for a long time so, it is essential to select wisely. While choosing the domain name keep the SEO strategies in your mind. Find the important keywords used by your potential customers while searching for your products or services.

Find the SEO-friendly domain that will be a major advantage for your SEO campaign. It is better to choose the EMD(Exact Match Domain) keywords. For example: if you are a carpenter and “top carpenter” is the prime keyword you wish to rank then the optimal option will be “topcarpenters.com” which will be the exact match domain.

You can gain more power when you handle more responsibility, just by choosing the EMD your website will not get a good rank on the search engine result page. Meanwhile, on-page and off-page optimization are essential for ranking the website.

Choose the partial match domain(PMD), in case EMD is impossible. Ultimately, content is the supreme factor, if your website is equipped with high-quality content and optimal SEO strategy then you can rank your website without the EMD and PMD.

5. Generate sitemap

A website is like a building and a sitemap is like a blueprint or a sketch. Therefore, you should not create the website in the absence of the sitemap and it is an important part of your website. In short, the sitemap is the file that consists of the webpages and it is useful for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to know the framework or structure of your website.

This is the reason, why the SEO experts advise the website owners to include the sitemap. Search engines will rank all the web pages, not only the complete website. The sitemap will ease the search engines to identify all your web pages easily and readily.

6. Finalize the design and layout of the website

After completing the research work, you should have some idea about your website design style. In this phase, you should not copy from your competitor…! It should be extraordinary and inventive, your goal should be developing a website that should be memorable to the users.

You cannot seize the attention of the user just by using ordinary design and layout. Just think, when you fail to hold their attention, how can you expect conversions…?! So, spend ample time finalizing your website’s design and layout. The website design is an important component of website development.

7. Navigation

Navigation is one of the important aspects of all the websites. So, concentrate on the user-friendly navigation for the website. While working on the navigation part keep the below things in mind.

  • Navigation should be simple.
  • Complex navigation results in an increase in the bounce rate.
  • The users should understand the navigation flow.


Redesigning the website has become an important part of the website owners. It is impossible to predict the trends in website development or design. But, to remain safer, it is better to redesign your website whenever it is essential. I hope this blog is informative to you.


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